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IEEE Glossary
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The IEEE maintains a number of units to assist in the administrative support of its members: Regions, Sections, Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, Councils, Areas, Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters.


The IEEE is divided geographically into Regions, Sections, SubSections, etc. to assist in the administrative support of its membership.

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade)

Program designed to meet the professional needs of members with 0-10 years experience as an engineer. It encourages this affinity group to form an IEEE Chapter to foster networking between members with similar interests and concerns. The program is geared toward professional development, while emphasizing current issues.


Changes in member grade such as Student to Member or Student to Associate; Member to Senior Member.


A Graduate Student Member must qualify for Member grade and carry at lest 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE – designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Graduate Student Member grade shall be limited to 8 years.